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A Guide To Choosing Safety Mezzanine Gates 

If you own a warehousing, a mezzanine can offer additional space benefits. However, the addition of a mezzanine comes with structural hazards that could mean accidents and losses. To thwart these losses or incidents, you can decide to install mezzanine safety gates. There are different types of gates you can purchase, but you need to know the differences regarding their prices, functionality, Load capacity and the like. Before you spend money on a mezzanine gate to boost workplace safety, you need to take the time to learn some of the crucial factors below.


Mezzanine gates are functional, efficient and easy to install. However, not all gates serve the same purpose. Some are suitable for specific locations while others are not. You need to know why a safety gate has to be affixed at a particular location. Whereas you need to save money with the purchase, it's advisable that functionality and function come first. Remember, it helps to check how the gates will be operated, the frequency of use and whether they meet relevant safety requirements in the workplace.

 Mezzanine safety gates come in different shapes sizes and designs. You need to know how the gate you intend to install will be opening. It can be a sliding, lift-out or a swing gate but you need to be sure it services the purpose in mind. Apparently, different gates will work for different applications and locations, and you need be sure that they will deliver on safety and function once they are installed. If your security gates provide fall safety, they should be as sturdy as the rest of the railings.

 The area where you need to install a mezzanine dock gates requires close consideration. Some workplace environments can be corrosive, and you need to know the best gate materials to pick. For example,  steel will work well as long as it's not exposed to corrosive substances while galvanized steel will suffice for an out of doors environment and harsh elements. If steel is heavier, you can opt for aluminum or other steel variations.

The mezzanine gates come in different sizes. Your mezzanine opening can be big enough for two, or it can be meant for a single person.  The good thing is that you have a variety of gate sizes to pick according to the mezzanine opening in question. Additionally, you need to assess the frequency of using mezzanine gates. If you are relying on the gate for long hours to move stuff, look for an automated operation such that your staff doesn't have to move it manually all the time. If you want to marshal safety, make sure that your mezzanine gate is tested and professionally installed.

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